About Us

For more than 25 years, our passion for high quality, innovative, and affordable modern furniture has made Gil Avivi Ant Man Wood Crafting & Design Ltd. the favorite choice of hundreds of satisfied customers throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Furniture trends may come and go, but each piece we design and manufacture retains its value thanks to world class craftsmanship, attention to detail, and the use of the finest wood available.
While “modern furniture” made its first appearance in the mid-1800s and arose through the modernist movement — a reaction to cultural, societal, and industrial changes sweeping Western civilization — these pieces best express a fresh approach to fundamental design principals and bridge the gap between the past and present. It is these very principals that guide everything we do, from consultation to design to manufacturing.

Like all of our furniture pieces, our modern furniture line is unique for each client and retains a sense of individualism not found in big box furniture outlets or warehouse stores. In order to understand and visualize what a customer wants, we meet with each one and walk through their home or place of work to see existing furniture pieces and extrapolate how our vision blends with theirs. Our design process does not occur in a vacuum, but rather is a collaborative process of give and take, of form meeting function, and ensures the customer’s goals are never subjugated by our own. Once we have arrived at a full understanding of the client’s vision, we will then produce detailed drawings of each piece before the fabrication process begins.

Since launching the company in 1987, Gil has worked with many top architects and designers on modern furniture pieces proudly displayed in private residences and businesses throughout the Greater Toronto Area. There is no limit to the kinds of pieces of furniture Gil can design and manufacture, including items for the living room (end tables, entertainment centers, television stands, craft tables, couches, chairs), bedroom (beds, dressers, changing tables, night stands), kitchen (tables, chairs, free standing pantries), dining room (tables, chairs, hutches), corporate meeting rooms, private offices, and anywhere else there is an appreciation for high quality custom woodworking.

At Gil Avivi Ant Man Wood Crafting & Design Ltd., we have a deep appreciation for traditional, 19th century values and the inspiration they gave to the modernist movement and the rise of modern furniture. While each piece is stylish, it will be designed for “real world” use — meaning it is not a show piece, but rather something that can be utilized every day without fear of it becoming easily damaged or worn out.

Gil Avivi is personally involved in every project, meeting with clients, understanding their needs, and designing custom pieces that customers will be proud to pass along to the next generation.