“Custom” anything usually evokes a sense of superior craftsmanship, durability, reliability, and the use of the highest quality materials available. In some circles, it can also be associated with exclusivity and exorbitant prices, but all of our custom furniture in Toronto are designed with a wide spectrum of clients in mind — regardless of budget.

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For more than 25 years, Gil Avivi and his team at Ant Man Wood Crafting & Design Ltd. have earned business and respect from hundreds of satisfied residential and commercial customers throughout the Greater Toronto Area because of our commitment to cutting edge design and uncompromising value. Whether you are interested in our Sapapa furniture line of adjustable beds, sofa beds, or sleepers, or custom wood furniture including bathroom vanities or entertainment centers, our design team can help you find the right furniture piece at a cost you can afford.

All of our custom wood furniture pieces come from humble beginnings, often nothing more than an initial design sketched out in a notepad that morphs into multiple shop drawings and 3D models we present to the client for feedback. Our design process is multi-faceted and collaborative, which allows our customers to experience each piece of furniture as it comes to life but before construction actually begins.

Like your home itself, each custom furniture piece sprinkled throughout your residence is an extension of your personality and can be as classic or eclectic as you wish. There are no limits to our custom woodworking projects, and many evolve several times before a client makes a final decision. Success is ultimately achieved by maintaining a clear vision, not only of our customer’s goals, but what we have done in the past and how it impacts the current piece we have been tasked with building.

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Each custom furniture piece we design should achieve a minimum of three objectives: Unify a room in terms of style, whether furniture matches or not; Craft anything from an end table to television stand that fits a customer’s style; and Utilize the most appropriate wood and hardware available. We do not believe in taking short cuts, as that often results in lower quality products and even lower customer satisfaction. Rather than cutting corners, our designers stay focused exclusively on client goals.

Over the years, my area of expertise has evolved to match prevailing styles and trends, but I have never lost sight of long term value and creating furniture that will last for generations. In addition to custom wood furniture, I also design and build kitchen cabinetry, bedroom furniture, built in units, commercial and outdoor furniture, and tree houses. Depending on client requirements, many furniture pieces and accessories can be made from exotic woods that come from renewable sources throughout the world.